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Is your horse...​

  •  bending easier in one direction vs the other?
  •  falling in or out on a circle?
  •  heavier on one rein than the other?
  •  moving with a hollow back?
  •  getting faster after transitions?
  • spooky, rearing or bucking?
  • more difficult turning right or left?
  • canters better one direction vs the other?
  • more difficult turning one way or the other or hanging on one rein?

Natural Asymmetry

One side of the horse’s body is not exactly like the other, and so doesn’t move and respond in exactly the same way. He is typically stiff and resistant to bending in one direction (his stiff side), while he tends to bend too much in the other (his “hollow” side).  In addition the horse doesn’t carry weight on all four legs evenly but naturally puts more weight on his forelegs, has diagonal and vertical imbalances and with the added weight of the rider the symptoms from NA are exacerbated and may cause physical and mental health issues.  The symptoms of natural asymmetry are based on how the horse is built and through certain training deficiencies.

In ST we work at identifying each horse’s unique symptoms and do progressive exercises to improve their balance and straightness.

What are the benefits?

Through a sound progressive ST program with key exercises addressing the symptoms of NA, you and your horse will develop into a more connected partnership. You will learn to identify the issues that are limiting your horse and be able to work with him to reach a more healthy state. With the basics of ST you will be able to reduce the effects of muscle soreness, back problems, strains and lameness issues.

By working with a healthy horse you will be able to advance him to his full potential.  You will be able to increase the horse’s balance and suppleness which increases his mental state into a more willing partner. And so much more….

Do You Struggle with Your Horse?

Natural asymmetry is typically the main reason why this is happening. Download the FREE assessment template to help identify your horse’s natural asymmetry.


Following Straightness Training, Roman no longer falls in while lunging

With the help of Straightness Training, Saphira has better balance and self carriage and no longer falls on her forehand

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get started with ST? 
Initially you will begin with the theory behind ST and how the progressive exercises help develop your horse based on their Natural Asymmetry.
2) What equipment do I need?
In most cases you have almost everything you need to do ST; Reins, dressage or driving whip, lunge line, cavesson and eventually a curb bit.  The cavesson used in ST is a leather head piece with a covered chain over the horse’s nasal bridge. The bridge connects directly to the neck, then through the vertebrae over the back to the tail. This makes the cavesson very effective to bend the neck of the horse and an effective tool to obtain correct bending throughout the horse’s body.
3) What can I expect from doing ST? 
In ST we always start with “Why”.  Knowing our reasons before actions typically results in the outcome we are searching for.  Knowing the NA of your horse and keeping the bigger picture always in mind, we begin with the exercises best suited to gradually develop your horse to overcome the majority of their NA weaknesses, advance them into a more balanced and correctly muscle developed horse in order to maintain a long and healthy life. 

Feel free to contact me for more information or schedule a free introductory lesson to begin addressing the symptoms of natural asymmetry.

Schedule A FREE Introductory Consultation

If you would like to work together, I can help you take the next step and lead you and  your horse to success.

To be successful in addressing the negative effects of your horses’ natural asymmetry, schedule a free consultation!


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